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Meet Pamela De Robillard

Founder and owner of Limitless TLC

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A little bit about me

We all have our own story and this is my story of transformation and how I learned to embrace a growth mindset with the Transformation Life Coaching System. It is a journey which led me to follow my passion in life, helping people to find and live their limitless potential.

My Story

I am in a space of pure gratitude as I  embark on this journey of pursuing my ultimate passion.

This is a short insight of the road that I have travelled to get to this place in my life. 

My childhood years were happy and I felt truly blessed to have a loving family
and friendship circle. I believe that it was this emotional security that enabled
me to thrive in all I put my mind to at school; in both sport and academics. I
became a confident and competent teenager in high school and felt that my life
was complete. It was then that my world came crashing down and I was never
the same again. I was in my first year at University studying to be a teacher,
when I experienced my first major trauma. My father and my hero, committed
suicide. This tragedy pulled me down into a state of utter despair,
disillusionment and depression, which lasted many years and had devastating
consequences in every area of my life.


However, nobody would have guessed the desperate state I was in as I put a
smile on my face and went through the daily routines of life. But I struggled to
connect to life, as the pain went too deep. I suppressed all the negative
emotions of anger, pain and heartache, as I knew no other way to deal with
them. These unprocessed emotions were further entrenched when, on my return
from Cape Town after finishing my Teaching Degree at UCT, my mother was
murdered. My mom was the strongest and the most loving person I have ever
known and she was the spiritual rock in my life. Her horrific death catapulted
me into an even darker place in my soul. I made the decision to travel overseas
for two years to heal and to try and find some meaning in my life.

Unfortunately when one suppresses negative emotions they become repressed
and they then manifest in various ways in the body. I developed eating disorders
(to try and fill the pain, emptiness, abandonment and rejection I felt inside of

me) and on returning back to SA, I started my quest of going to different types
of therapists to seek the help I so desperately needed. It helped on a conscious
level but they never got to my sub-conscious mind which was programmed with
all these negative emotions and low self-esteem. My emotional state eventually
manifested into a dis-ease inside my body and I ended up with stage 1 colon
cancer at the age of 30 (I firmly believe that it was because of the past 12
years of a depressed state within my body, soul and spirit).

I decided to pursue the holistic route with my colon treatment and booked into
the Life Science Clinic, where I also started studying the power of the mind. My
healing journey of 25 years then began. Within a year I was healed from colon
cancer (with God of course, as I believe that He has given us the power to heal)
and I continued my journey of healing and restoration.
My marriage also had its share of challenges and heartache which led to a
divorce 2 years ago. It had its share of great joy and pain (as most marriages
do) and our 2 daughters (16 and 19) gave me the strength and the courage to
keep going. However, so much of my authentic self had been lost along the way
and I needed to find myself again and to live the life I yearned for.

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- Marianne Williamson -

"Love is what we are born with. Fear is what we have learned here. The spiritual journey is the unlearning of fear and the acceptance of love back into our hearts."

I needed to take back my power and belief in myself. Four years ago I came
across the Transformation Life Coaching Academy. It resonated with me as the
techniques address deep seated issues within the sub-conscious mind. I enrolled
on the course and it literally changed my life, by getting to the root of my
problems. By going through all the NLP (neuro-linguistic programming)
techniques we were able to re-program my sub-conscious mind and remove the
negative belief patterns that were holding me back and install new and
empowering beliefs which gave me a renewed sense of freedom and power.

The TLC program helped me transform my thinking patterns and I am now living
true to my authentic self. The Transformation Life Coaching Programme is much
more than mere self-development; it is a set of powerful tools to unlock one’s
true potential. I have therefore been inspired to call my TLC business to
“LIMITLESS” as this is what it has done for me: it has opened up limitless
possibilities of who I want to be and what I want to achieve in this life.
I am now passionate to help other people transform their lives by using these
powerful techniques.

I believe there is the right timing to pursue things and I

believe that this is my time to launch ‘Limitless’ TLC especially with the
incredible challenges and insecurities we are facing with the global Covid-19


- John Kehoe -


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