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Relationship Building

Updated: Apr 21, 2021

Everything revolves around relationships on the planet. We are in relationship with the Divine Intelligence (consciously or unconsciously) with other people, animals and creatures and our planet. No matter what you believe human origin to be, humans were created to be in relationships on many different levels.

We have been wired to be part of the ‘whole’ and we seek to belong and to have a connection with the Divine Source Energy and our fellow human beings.

We are social creatures, even the most ‘introverted’ of us. Relationships are complex; but can be simple if we learn to get beyond our ‘ego’ and our selfish nature. I would like to explore human relationships and more specifically our Love Relationships with people who you are deeply connected to.

John Maxwell (an International expert on leadership) states so aptly: ‘If I see you as broken, I will fix you, If I see you as weak I will help you; but if I see you as valuable, I will serve you’. That puts so much light on how we see our loved ones. It is all about perspective. Imagine how different the world would be if we could all live by this mantra by Dr. Wayne Dyer:’ See the light in others and treat them as if that is all you see.’ This is a powerful invitation to meditate (ponder) on, and will literally change your relationships around if you lived by this simple yet powerful principle.

People start out loving each other but as they allow themselves to be burdened by stress and life’s challenges, they end up feeling frustrated in their relationship.


Can you identify with any of these 5 typical signs of frustrations in relationships?

1. Silence-Do you feel unheard? Are you confident to speak up and voice your opinion? Do you try and please your loved one at your own cost?

2. Non-Verbal Communication-Do you often get the ‘cold-shoulder’ from your loved one?

3. Lack of Communication-misunderstand each other.

4. External Pressure and traumas-financial, health, job loss, death, Covid 19

5. Baggage from previous relationships-unresolved issues and feelings from a previous relationship can cause strain and frustration with your partner.

Here are 7 common factors that people want from a relationship:

1.RESPECT-This is number one on the list; even above love. When you receive respect from your partner; it means they value you. One should respect your partner’s individuality, perspective, decisions, time and their unique differences to you.

2. HONESTY-This is essential if a relationship is going to flourish and grow. People need their partner to be forthcoming about their thoughts, feelings, intentions and desires. A lack of honesty and open communication breeds resentment, deception, mistrust and misunderstanding where there should be trust, freedom and intimacy.

3.COMPROMISE- is the willingness to work through challenges together to come to a mutually beneficial agreement. Disagreement and conflict can actually be seen to enhance intimacy when you accept your partner as having his/her own right to their opinion and perspective.

4.ENCOURAGEMENT-we all need to know that our loved one is in our corner and has our best interest at heart. This motivates one to bring out the best in you.

5. AFFECTION-Depending on your love language, we all need different forms of affection and touch. Humans cannot live without it. A relationship will thrive where there are regular acts of affection. It is love in motion.

6. EMOTIONAL INTIMACY-This is the feeling of closeness and sharing. It allows your partner to be vulnerable with you and it shows acceptance and the highest form of trust.

7.DEDICATION-is synonomous with compassion and loyalty –we need our partner is committed and dedicated to us, no matter what.

Now we can see some of the major irritations and desires that we all experience in a relationship. Once you are consciously aware of them; they are easier to deal with.

So, how can THIS TLC Program help you improve your relationships?

>You firstly deal with the INNER WORLD of how you think, feel and act and get to the grass roots of your frustrations and wants

> You learn powerful mindset strategies on how to overcome obstacles in your relationship

> You eliminate the false ego and loose the victim mentality

> We will discover your subconscious limiting beliefs and emotions and will release them and install empowering ones that will strengthen your relationship

> You will build up your new self-confidence, self-esteem and self-worth-when you feel better about yourself you can then build on your relationship

> You will learn new skills and strategies how to resolve conflict so that both partners benefit

> We will set goals, outcomes and a life-vision and give you the tools to create the type of relationship you want.

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