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Are you controlling your emotions or are they controlling you?

Updated: Mar 24, 2021

Negative Emotional Therapy

We all experience many different emotions during the day, but are we aware of the effect they have on our thoughts, our mind set, our actions and our outcomes? Emotions are our thoughts in motion: they are creative energy forces; they will produce behaviour and will therefore determine the results we get in our life. Emotions influence how we perceive ourselves and therefore our perception of our outer world.

Negative Emotional Therapy is a scientifically proven technique/process that can release a whole lifetime of unprocessed negative emotions that have accumulated in your neural network over the years and have been sabotaging your life. The main ones we all have to some degree are: fear, anxiety, hurt, anger, frustration, doubt, guilt, shame and sadness.

This technique is extremely powerful as it eliminates all negative emotional charges from your past memory bank which is stored in your subconscious mind (which is actually in every neuron/cell in your body).

The full process to eliminate all 9 negative emotions takes about 6 hours. It is fast and effective as we work with the subconscious mind which runs our bodies and our conscious minds 24/7. This is the default mode and it runs on autopilot. After the process you will no longer feel any negative emotions relating to any past event. The memories of the event stay intact; but as all the events get balanced they have no emotional charge left on them.

This process helps you get in control of your emotional state, and therefore it influences your results.


Negative emotions are stored as energy in the smallest form and get stored in the neural network. They are connected to specific events that happened in your past. The negative emotional therapy releases stored negative energy charges in a person’s neural network. It doesn’t interfere with the memories themselves; it only releases the negative emotional charges.

When you first experienced a negative feeling in your life, for example ‘anger’ your subconscious mind stored it in your neural network. Thereafter, every time you felt anger your subconscious mind would link it to the first event like a cascading chain-effect. After 3-4 links a gestalt is formed.

The more ‘anger’ experiences you have in your life and the older you are; the longer the chain becomes. The impact of that specific emotion gets bigger and stronger and it starts controlling your life until it eventually spins out of control when it gets triggered.

This is why in a lot of cases, the older a person gets, the more anger outbursts they will experience, and the less control they will have over their emotions.

What the Negative Emotional Therapy does, is to find the first event, and then help you deal with it by getting positive learning’s from it. Afterwards the subconscious will be ready to let go of the emotional charge on the first event. By letting go of the emotional charge on the first event, which was the root cause for the gestalt to be formed in the first place, all the rest of the emotional charges will release together.

The whole Gestalt (emotional chain) will then collapse and the emotions will be released from the neural network. This process will be done on each negative emotion, one at a time, until all the unprocessed negative emotions are released.

This is true inner freedom and peace as you can no longer feel any of the above mentioned emotions on any event that happened in the past. This is the elegant moment of a congruent emotional state that opens up your energies to creating new opportunities and possibilities.

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