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We are all born with two main voices within us: our ego and our inner self.

The ego is all about self -preservation and the accumulation of all that is material; the inner self is connected to the whole: it connects us to the creative source which enables us to create the life we desire. The ego is all about ‘getting and doing’ and the higher self is all about ‘giving and being’. These two opposite parts cause constant conflict within our minds.

The inner voice is the positive part that is always trusting and uplifting whilst the ego is the negative one that makes you question your capabilities and your competence by operating in control and fear. This conflict initiates so much self talk which causes a state of anxiety and self doubt that it stops us from moving towards our goals. It therefore sabotages what we set out to achieve in life. Every one of us is a victim of inner conflict or otherwise we would all have achieved every goal we have set for ourselves. It also has a massive impact on our health. Studies have shown that 80% of people, who developed cancer, had massive inner conflict with something 2-3 years before they contracted the disease.

Unresolved Inner conflict has to eventually manifest in the body in a form of some dis-ease.

The very first technique that the TLC program does is INNER CONFLICT THERAPY. This is an extremely powerful technique that deletes Inner Conflict within a person. The 2 conflicting parts get re-integrated in the subconscious mind by eliciting and merging positive intents from both parts , thus enabling the mind to once again become congruent and can then work as one unit (as we were when we were born). This process eliminates the negative voice telling you that you cannot do it; you cannot achieve your goals. Once the 2 parts are integrated, all other conflicts will disappear, reducing the constant tug of war inside of us.

’ Love is what we are born with. Fear is what we have learned here. The spiritual journey is the unlearning of fear and the acceptance of love back into our hearts’. Marianne Williamson

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