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Eliminate self-doubt and build self-confidence

The High 5 Habit-Mel Robbins-Stop beating yourself up and start Lifting yourself up

When you feel you are not measuring up with something, you need to interrupt this sabotaging subconscious programming with the High 5 habit. When you need to pick yourself up when you don’t know how to face the day-do your Hi 5 Habit and kick start your day with motivation and self-confidence. When you raise your hand and high 5 the person in the mirror looking back at you, something in your shifts-you silence decades of criticism. You acknowledge that the person looking back at you deserves recognition for getting up and facing the day, that she/he is worthy of acknowledgement and encouragement. We need to learn to encourage ourselves as we would a good friend.

The High 5 Habit programs the thought; ‘You can do this’. There are always 2 people in the bathroom with you each morning-you and the person looking back at you from the mirror. They need to be seen. Ask yourself: ’What does the person in the mirror need from me today? Kindness, compassion, confidence, encouragement? Acknowledge this need and raise your hand and high 5 them in the mirror. It will feels weird at first, because our brain is used to self deprecating ourselves and beating ourselves down, but done every day in the morning after brushing your teeth, it will get easier and it will install a new and empowering program in your subconscious mind. Suddenly you are supporting and celebrating yourself and your brain will rewire to support you in your behaviour that day that will work for you and not against you.

There is a field of study called Neurobics and it has proved that the fastest way to build new neurological pathways is to combine a physical movement with an intention. Harvard research has shown that when you get intentional on how you’re going to show up your focus, confidence and productivity increases and you make a greater impact on people.

By doing the High 5 Habit each day you program you’re R.A.S (Reticular Activating System)-your filter system which allows certain information in to your pre-frontal cortex. You allow your brain to filter information that YOU tell it is important to you. Another important concept is: Activating Behavioural Science-in layman’s terms it is: ’Act like the person you want to become’. To change something in your brain you also need to ACT on a programmed thought. When you do the High 5 in the mirror, you are changing your brain to act like you are supporting yourself.

The High 5 Habit takes presence and intention and therefore stops the negative voice in your head telling you, you are not enough. Harvard studies have shown that when you are intentional about how you are going to show up today it changes the level of confidence and belief in yourself and it raises your productivity.

There are some key principles of having a positive relationship with yourself:

>Be kind and compassionate to yourself-stop beating yourself down

> Be aware of self-sabotaging thoughts when they pop up-you don’t have to focus on them-use the 5 second rule to interrupt the negative programming coming from your subconscious (say ‘5,4,3,2,1’) and then chose and anchoring thought. In this way you create distance from the negative thoughts. In this way your leverage objectivity (you get outside of the program and now you can chose to shift that negative thought and choose a positive and empowering anchoring thought)

> You get 2 types of worrying-the destructive type which is destructive and puts your body into a state of dis-ease (the lack of ease) and then your get productive worrying: this motivates you to change.

>Change your perspective about yourself-shift from seeing yourself as a failure to rather what are you proud of, what are you grateful for about yourself, what are your unique gifts and talents? This will program your R.A.S to find more of your good qualities and it will bring up your vibration energy to support the behaviour in alignment with your positive thoughts of self-appreciation.

> Keep the promises you make to yourself-it build your self-worth and it motivates you to be more and do more towards your purpose.

>When you trust yourself with the small things you’ll trust yourself with the big things.

When you start to value yourself and your unique gifts and talents, you raise your vibration energy and you can achieve anything you set out to do. Just the fact that you’re still standing after having gone through so much in your life is enough to give yourself a High 5!

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