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What Transformation Life Coaching has done for me

Updated: Mar 23, 2021

I am responsible for my own reality- I am no longer a victim of my circumstances. I control my own life and I have limitless potential. Each day I am discovering new things about myself, my capabilities, my creativity and I have now the freedom to live my passion and thus have a much deeper sense of purpose.

  • It has opened up limitless possibilities of what I want to create in my life

  • It has eliminated debilitating negative emotions of self doubt, fear, hurt, anger, rejection and disillusionment and instead has replaced it with a limitless source of peace and tranquility

  • It has built up my self confidence and self esteem for believing in myself and for limitless capacity

  • It has replaced my negative beliefs of feeling unworthy and not good enough to a mindset of a healthy self-esteem and sense of self-worth

  • It has dealt with the two major TRAUMAS in my life that caused my life to roller coaster into disillusionment, fear and abandonment. The debilitating emotions no longer have the power to hurt me and keep me stagnant by fear. The memories are always there but the major difference is that the emotions have been processed and their power is no longer there to stop me achieving happiness, success and abundance in my life.

  • I have limitless freedom to keep exploring, keep creating and keep making a difference in this life.

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