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How you relate to yourself and how you relate to others is indicative of how you see yourself. Your self-Identity is the reality of who you show to the world. It could be authentic or it could be a version of yourself that you think the world wants to see.

Your first responsibility is to learn to accept yourself-flaws and all. You are your permanent companion and until you accept yourself and learn how to develop into the highest version of yourself, you will have unease in your soul. Questions that will help you grow your self-identity are:

>What are the character traits you like about yourself?

>What are the character traits you admire about a role model(someone you admire)?

>Which character traits do you share with him/her?

>When you take time to reflect on the positive characteristics you have, you train your brain to focus on the empowering qualities and by the laws of physics you grow those attributes which in turn will build up your self-esteem.’ You are who you think you are’.

Your emotions influence your self-esteem. Feelings either move you in a direction towards pain or pleasure. You need to be aware of your feelings and the ones that make you feel unworthy need to be released. The TLC program shows you how to do this.

Thoughts fuel your emotions, so the first step is to see which thoughts you are meditating on; and the ones that make you ‘less’ need to be unwired out of your unconscious mind so that the thoughts don’t trigger the brain to release those toxic neuro-chemicals to make one feel bad.


1. Every day write down 1 thing you are proud of about yourself and reflect on what you did well that day. Writing it down makes it stick in your unconscious mind. This will start to over-ride the negative beliefs you have programmed in to your subconscious mind (from when you were very small and were trying to make sense of the world).

2. Every day write 3 things that you are grateful for WITHIN yourself. What you are grateful for grows.

3. Be aware of your inner talk-speak to yourself with compassion when you feel you miss the mark. Pretend you are speaking to a friend: How would you encourage them?

4. Be true to yourself. What is the worst thing that can happen if you allow yourself to be vulnerable, transparent and real?

Dr. Joe Dispenza:' Knowledge is power; but self-knowledge is empowerment'.

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