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How to unleash your LIMITLESS POTENTIAL

Updated: Nov 9, 2021

Why is it so important to focus on the sub-conscious mind? Once you are aware

of the limitless power of your subconscious mind you begin to start thinking about the thoughts and the behaviours that you want to wire in your brain. You start concentrating on the choices that you will make in that day and you begin to store the neurological hardware in the brain to make it look like it’s already happened (remember that the sub-conscious mind cannot distinguish what is imagined or what is real-it accepts everything that is programmed into it as truth). Your brain that is mainly a record of the past, now become programmed to be a map of your future. That is the power that will unleash your limitless


When you learn something new, your brain creates new neurological connections and when you believe and act like you are already living in your dream and you operate in a state of gratitude; you create abundance, wholeness and fulfillment. This is the connectedness to the universal source power. When you have a mind shift and you start feeling abundant and worthy; you start generating wealth, the moment you start feeling whole your healing begins.

We are creators of our own reality. Einstein stated; "Imagination is greater than knowledge".

When we activate our imagination and act as if it is already there, it will manifest in your life. You have to nurture a burning desire for something, focus on it often and with intent and feelings and the energy frequency will be so intense, broad and frequent that it will attract more ‘like frequencies’. This will in turn create events and situations to support your desire. Trillions of variables will start moving and shifting because you have created a strong and lasting vibration that it will start rushing towards you.

The only block will be if you don’t believe that you will get it as this will stop the flow and you will be putting out a counter transmission. If you use your feelings and line them up with your dream, you will live in your Limitless zone.

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