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Is your mind your brain?

Dr. Caroline Leaf (world renown Cogno Scientist)-How to Detox your brain part 1

The latest scientific evidence in the past two decades has proven that the mind and the brain are separate and that the mind can and does change the brain-neurogenetics.

We have a love power and sound mind. You cannot control the events and the circumstances of your life but you can control your reaction to them; that will change your brain. Choose to meditate on the Love of God.

We are designed to control our responses by the power of choice. You direct your mind, your mind doesn’t direct you, but your beliefs and habits can make you direct your brain. You grow thoughts in the brain (wire them in) as you think and feel and choose. The more you focus on something the more it will control us and it will influence the results you get.

Your 5 senses receive information all day from your environment and your R.A.S (reticular activating system) in the brain will delete, distort and generalise the information and will influence how your brain functions. Your brain cannot work independently of your mind-it is not self emergent-your mind controls your brain and it receives signals and it turns it into form. It converts information coming in from your 5 senses into real physical substance.

God has designed the frontal cortex of your brain to have the ability to stand outside of your thought life and to observe your thought life and to think multiple thoughts at the same time. We have a phenomenal brain, but it is how we use it that makes the difference. How you process the events and circumstances of your day is how you will experience life and how you will change your brain. You have the power to convert the signal outside into a physical substrate in your brain-either for health and abundance or for dis-ease and lack. We have the choice every day to choose which thoughts will change us either in a powerful way or a dis-empowering way.

God says in Deuteronomy 30:19- ‘ I set before you life and death, blessings and curses; choose life, so that you and your descendants may live’. God (the divine intelligence admonishes us to choose ‘LIFE’.

As you are thinking you are causing a signal to go at Quantum speed (the speed of light) to cause a reaction in your brain. You grow dendrites (branches of a ‘tree’) of proteins in your brain. The way your process information you change the actual DNA structure of your brain-this is called neuro plasticity is the ability to change the physical structure of your brain-YOU have the capacity to do this. These genes express into amino acids which form protein structures-dendrites(branches of a neurological tree).

You are the designer of your own unique ‘tree’. The thought you are thinking now has the ability to influence all 75-100 trillion cells in your body. You are the creator of what you experience in your life. You are a thinking being with the ability to create life or death in your brain and body. You are a spirit, you have a soul (mind, will and emotions) and you reside in a body. Your spirit is connected to the divine intelligence-the creator of everything-God) and it connects you to the quantum field that connects us to other people and to all intelligence. Our CHOICES control your brain and determine your beliefs, habits, behaviour and your results.

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