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It is time to Defeat Depression

Updated: Apr 7, 2021

Depression has become a very common 21st Century disorder that is increasing at an alarming rate. One out of 4 American women is on ante-depressants and almost half the population in the world will suffer from depression at some point in our lives. These are frightening statistics.

5 Major symptoms of depression are:

1. Feelings of sadness

2. Irrational emotional outbursts

3. Hopelessness

4. Loss of interest -disengage in life

5. Feelings of worthlessness

Other sure signs of depression in women:

>Eating disorders

> Memory loss and brain-fog

> Sleep disorders

> Short temper and irritability

There are many causes of depression and major depression can form due to many individual factors. Some common ones are:

>Loss of income, a job, a career, financial worries

>Loss of a loved one through death or divorce

> Marital problems, abuse (physical/mental/emotional)

>Relationship break-up or problems


>Sickness and disease of yourself or a loved one

There are so many valid reasons why you can fall into a pit of depression; but there is hope! The way one deals with depression can release all the negative emotions from the events leaving you much lighter and in a more peaceful and hopeful state to deal with life's trials and tribulations.

There are many frustrations one feels when going through a depressed state:

> Feeling powerless and out of control

> Feeling sad and not knowing exactly why

> Feeling overwhelmed with everything in their life

> Feeling like there is no hope

I can empathise with people who are suffering with depression as I suffered with it for over 10 years after my Mom and my Dad’s tragic deaths when I was 18 and 23 years old respectively. I completely withdrew from life and put on a brave face to the outside world; but inside I was dying. I developed colon cancer from all the negative emotions that I had suppressed for so many years; and it was only when I started on a holistic healing journey and went deep ‘within’ myself, that I could change my thoughts, beliefs, emotions and then my physiology. It was life changing and I finally came out of the pit of depression I had dug for myself. I was also completely healed from Colon Cancer and I believe God led me to this life-changing program. There are no coincidences in life; but serendipities and divine purpose when we start seeking a more powerful way forward. I believe you, too, were led to my website for a ‘divine’ purpose.

course you will discover are:

1. You are NOT alone; you are connected to Source Energy and the Universal Mind of God-you will experience a new-found inner peace and will learn how to trust and tap into the creative intelligent source energy to empower you.

2. You truly do have the power within you to heal: you will learn how to CREATE a new reality by taking control of your thoughts, beliefs, emotions and choices to give you the results you want.

3. You will improve your energy and vitality so much that you will be motivated to start creating newness in your life.

4. You will enjoy the powerful effects of the Subconscious Mind Therapies that will release all negative beliefs and emotions: hurt, sadness, anger, anxiety, guilt, worthlessness, hopelessness, procrastination, not feeling ‘enough’ and many more that have brought on this inner state of ‘depression’. You will experience a liberation and lightness of being that you haven’t felt since you were a child.

5. You will RE-IVENT YOURSELF- build a new and powerful sense of self worth that isn’t ego-centred. It will change the way you see life and that will reflect back on how people and conditions respond back to you (Dr. Wayne Dyer: Change the way you look at things; and the things you look at will change).

6. You will enjoy clarity of mind and you will learn to live in the ‘ present’ with a renewed awareness and mindfulness of the ‘now’ so that the past memories and emotions no longer have ultimate power over you, and the future will no longer hold you captive with anxiety.

7. You will learn strategies which will enable you to discover new passions which will help you create a new vision for your life that will inspire you to become the highest, truest version of yourself.

Basically the Transformation Life Coaching Program will profit you by giving you gifts that will not only lift the depression you have been in; but it will give you an extraordinary life that you have almost given up on.


contact me now for a FREE TLC Conversation to see how I can help you transform from this limiting state of depression into a state of hope, peace, joy and purpose. ACT NOW-you were born for greatness; no matter how old or weathered you may be feeling right now. This program has given me hope and a new purpose; and it would be an honour to help you do the same.

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