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SETTING GOALS - the first step in turning the INVISIBLE into the VISIBLE

Updated: Mar 23, 2021

How many times have you set a specific goal and failed to achieve it? All of us have done this because of various elements:

  • We have programmed our brains to fail by limiting beliefs running 24/7 in our sub-conscious mind.

  • We fear failure - the NLP perspective is that’ ‘failure equals feedback’, failure simply means you need to do it a different way.

  • Then there is the Risk factor. In life, everything we do requires some form of risk; successful people weigh up the benefits of taking the risk and pursuing the goal. The goal has to be a burning desire imprinted on the sub-conscious mind so that it justifies the risk.

One needs to define your intention in order to achieve your goals. Then you need to visualize it often with intense emotions that will become a burning desire within your subconscious.

One needs to set a definite and time based plan of action and have accountability with it. Then Action is required with consistency and commitment to see it through.

With the TLC Subconscious Goal Programming technique and the Goal Achieving system you can be assured of greater success of achieving your goals. Goal setting in the subconscious mind is done using powerful NLP techniques.

  • It gets to one’s internal representation, teaching one to be in control of it so that you can learn to be in charge of your own emotional state, which will bring your goals into your reality.

  • You learn the language of your mind and learning to communicate effectively with it.

  • It teaches the connection with the conscious mind which is the goal-setter, with the subconscious mind which is the goalgetter.

"Most important to remember when setting your goals is that: It’s not about the goal; it’s more about growing to become the person that can accomplish that goal" -Anthony Robbins

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