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Motivation vs Procrastination

Updated: Sep 27, 2021

Are you feeling stuck, tired and procrastinate and waste time in your day? Do you constantly put off things you want and need to do leaving you feeling down and unfulfilled? Do you set goals and after a month, scrap them? Here are some powerful strategies that will help.....

Firstly, what is motivation?

It is your PURPOSE, and it is your driving force that initiates, guides and maintains action and behaviour to attain your goals or intentions.

Tips that will increase your motivation:

REASONS: It is the WHY you do something. Do you know the reasons why you do things?

Reasons motivate you to do small actions that propel you toward your goals. If your reasons for doing something are not strong enough or if they don’t align with your values; you will find every excuse not to do it. Your WHY is paramount to motivating you.

ENERGY: If your body is lacking energy you won’t have the motivation to work on your goals. Check essentials that affect your energy levels:

> Food-are you eating genius’s food that fuels your body and brain? Foods like berries, avocado pear, quinoa, green vegetables and are you drinking lots of water (our bodies are 70% water).

>Sleep-are you getting enough rest-are you meditating to clear the conscious mind of worry and anxiety so that you body can rest properly at night to give you more creative energy in the morning

· Thoughts/Beliefs/emotional state-thoughts are energy and they will either attract positive energy (if you are focusing on positive, empowering thoughts, or they will attract a lack of energy if you are overwhelmed by anxious and fearful thoughts). Repetitive thoughts give you a belief which influences your emotional state. Positive emotions release endorphins, serotonin and dopamine into your bloodstream which give you more energy; but negative emotions such as anger, fear, self doubt and worry will release cortisol and other toxic chemicals which deplete your energy levels and will compromise your immune system too. You need to regulate your emotional state daily. We teach you this in the TLC program in different ways.

ASKING EMPOWERING QUESTIONS: Questions are energy and need to be answered in the quantum field (space around you that is filled with patterns of quanta light energy that create new possibilities for you in the world of form). Questions such as: ‘What is the smallest action I need to do that will propel me closer to my goal?’ A little multiplies to become a lot. ‘As you start to walk on the way; the way appears’-Rumi (a great poet and philosopher).

REWIRE YOUR UNCONSCIOUS PROGRAMS: This is a process of ‘unlearning your limitations’ to achieve your limitless potential. We have been programmed with a lot of negative beliefs and emotions in our life that we have adopted from our environment, culture, role models, family and society. These patterns of thinking are in our subconscious mind and they sabotage us achieving our goals. The unconscious mind gets re-programmed by repetition, habits, meditation and hypnosis. The TLC program is powerful in unwiring these negative patterns and re-wiring in powerful beliefs and emotions that will motivate you to achieve your goals. This is in the form of Subconscious Mind Therapies. What is most important is WHAT we believe we are capable of and what we deserve. This will determine our level of motivation to pursue our wants and desires which come from your conscious mind.

YOUR MINDSET IS PARAMOUNT IN MOTIVATING YOU: Ed Mylett-‘ You are getting out of life right now what you think you are worth.’

An analogy is the idea that we are not thermometers (that reacts to its environment), but rather we are thermostats (that sets to a specific temperature and changes the environment).

Here are 5 strategies, using this analogy, to help motivate you:

1. Be around high temperature people-people that challenge you, that grow you.

2. Shock your system- do something out of the box in your week that will awaken your brain to forming new neurological networks of learning

3. Stop doing what’s no longer needed. Prioritise your daily actions. Ask yourself: What do I need to drop that’s no longer needed: Person? Thought? Behaviour?Emotions?

4. Evaluate and change the story you are telling yourself: Why are you demotivated? Are you blaming people, circumstances, the environment for the lack of drive in your life? Get out of victim mentality-in the TLC program we teach you how to utilise the powerful Universal Laws to work for you; not against you.

5. Be aware of your thermostat and make sure your temperature is:

> constant(keep to your daily schedule irrespective of how you feel),

> consistent(small rituals each day- win the day) and

> compassionate-be kind to yourself, when you don’t reach your daily goals (think of how you would encourage a friend and do the same to yourself).

· Reflection-reflect on your wins for that day- what did you do well? The feeling of accomplishment will further build your self-esteem and will motivate you to do even better tomorrow.

And last but by no means least: To motivate yourself-find a cause greater than yourself. Don’t just do something that will build your ego(self-preservation) and status; but make sure it serves something bigger. We were born to contribute to our society and to leave this world a better place for our children. What legacy do you want to leave your children one day? This greater sense of purpose drives your passion and gives you a greater satisfaction knowing you can make a difference.

Contact Pam to book your FREE Introductory conversation(20 minutes) to see where we can get you to achieve all your goals effectively. Pam: +(27)84 567 8455

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