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Regain your POWER, RE-DEFINE yourself and RE-DISCOVER your purpose after divorce

Updated: Apr 6, 2021

What do you do when your lifetime dream of your ‘happy ever-after’ crumbles to the ground, leaving an aftermath of devastating emotions in its wake? Will you ever recover, ever feel ‘normal’ again, and will you ever love again?

When your marriage comes crushing down, destroying your hopes and dreams; you may be catapulted into a pit of despair, desperation and even severe depression. I know, as it happened to me (then, I viewed life as: ‘Things happen TO me, not FOR me’-now I know that the opposite is true.

SOME STATS: Divorce is rated number 2 of the 10 most stressful events in a person’s life one can experience. It is likened to death, and some say it is even worse, as your life partner is still alive but that bond is broken and shattered. One goes through all the emotions of grief that a death of a loved one also initiates: denial, anger, bargaining, depression and finally acceptance. Even if divorce is warranted and wanted, it is still a traumatic experience that, if not processed in your deepest being, will manifest in destructive ways in your life.

7 symptoms of divorce are many and varied; here are but a few you may experience:

· Emotional pain, feelings of hopelessness

· Anger, confusion, guilt, doubt (second-guessing yourself)

· Deep hurt and sadness, loss and grief

· Loneliness and despair, no direction

· Low self-image and self-worth

· Abandonment and rejection

· Fear and anxiety (towards an unknown future)

If these negative and limiting emotions of pain and loss are not dealt with at grass-roots level; a crippling depression could set in. The causes of depression are mainly due to the huge loss and emptiness one feels after losing a life partner. You experience an avalanche of overwhelming negative emotions which often leads to desperation and despair.

If it had not been for my introduction to the TLC program; I would have entered into a state of crippling depression. The empowering Transformation Life Coaching therapies helped me work through and release all my emotional pain and in its place installed empowering beliefs and emotions that have given me a renewed sense of power and purpose.

Most women going through a divorce have a desire towards:

> Healing, comfort and restoration

> Strength and Inner peace

> Hope and comfort

> Self confidence and self-worth-a new identity

> Direction, meaning and a new sense of purpose

> Financial and emotional security

> A place in the world

I have been through all the stages of a divorce and can identify and empathise with other women who are going through a break-down of their marriage.

I would like to share 6 truths that have contributed to my personal transformation:

1. Change the way you look at things; the things you look at change’-This is a proven Quantum Science principle. I found it to be true when I tested it out for myself. Change your perspective on how you see ‘divorce’ and you will change how you respond to the process-instead of seeing it as ’the end’ of something, perhaps you could view it as ‘the beginning of a new you’ and you will experience serendipities that will astound you.

2. TAKE RESPONSIBILITY for your part in the breakdown-it really does take 2 to tango. Deal with your part and be brutally honest with yourself. Forgive, surrender and let go. I love this:’ Let go and let God’-it brings inner-peace and total trust that everything will eventually work out like it should.

3. FORGIVE yourself and forgive your partner for all the hurt, disappointments, betrayal, rejection, abandonment and pain you have caused each other and yourself. It is the biggest liberation-by doing this you take back your power and you free yourself to concentrate on healing, restoring and creating newness in your life (when you keep focusing on the betrayal or pain caused, you give it more energy and you rob yourself of energy and motivation to create new possibilities for yourself).

4. Get to the SOURCE/ROOT of the problem-If you suppress your feelings and emotions, they will manifest in worse ways in your soul (mind, will and emotions) and they may very well cause dis-ease in your body as negative emotions and beliefs release toxic chemical into your bloodstream, changing your physiology. Deal with your emotions-find a trusting coach to journey with you to the other side. And there is the other side! Never give up-there is always hope.

5. Keep strong in your FAITH-faith is what got me through every challenge in my life-Faith-is the substance or assurance of things we hope for, but not yet received. My faith in the Divine Intelligence of all life-God-gave me everything I needed (not wanted) when I needed it. Challenges are all about developing our character to get us to be the highest and truest version of ourselves, so that we can emulate our Creator and serve others. We are all connected to each other as we are all from one source of pure love-The Creator of The Universe. With faith you never ever have to feel you are alone in this world. As Dr. Wayne Dyer puts it: ‘If you knew who walked beside you every day; you would never fear again’.

6. GRATITUDE-Living in an attitude of pure gratitude is inviting the power of the universe to bring you more of what you are grateful for. It is a universal principle and a spiritual blessing all wrapped into one. Gratitude is the ultimate state of receiving.

This is how the TLC program could help you:

> Release all the negative emotions you are experiencing-fear, anxiety, anger, hurt, sadness, guilt and many more

> Find and release all the negative beliefs you have adopted in your life that are holding you back from living a life that will empower and inspire you. For example the belief that there is something wrong with you that your marriage failed.

You will learn important principles of the mind and how to use them to create a vision for your future.

> You will begin to have a different perspective on relationships and will be willing and able to take responsibility for the breakdown of your marriage and not play the ‘blame’ game. It will release you from ‘victim mentality’ and will give you back your power.

> You will learn liberating ‘mind- power’ principles and strategies to create a new reality.

> You will experience the freedom and the empowering effects of having new and positive beliefs, emotions and habits programmed into your subconscious mind which will attract more of what you want in your life to manifest.

> You will experience the joy of renewed energy and will get a new jest for life-despair and depression will be replaced by motivation and hope.

You will have a renewed sense of confidence and engaging in life. You will develop a healthy and positive self-esteem and a sense of self-worth that will change your world.

> You will develop a New Empowering Life Vision for yourself and will have the skills, strategies and confidence to succeed in all your goals, wants and desires. You will enjoy a renewed purpose and have direction and the know-how on how to live the life you desire.

You will basically HAVE A NEW LIFE!


If this resonates with you; I invite you to take a leap of faith and invite me to accompany you on your road to healing, restoration and fulfilment.

> It is time to live the highest and truest version of you.

> It is time to live a life of Limitless Opportunities and bliss.


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