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‘I think; therefore I am’. Anon.

‘As a man thinketh; so is he.’ Proverbs23:7

‘You see the world not as it is; but how you are’-Dr Joe Dispenza

‘You have one responsibility in life; to become the truest, highest version of yourself’-Oprah Winfrey.

By the age of 35, 95% of who we are is a set of memorized behaviours, emotional reactions, beliefs, perceptions and attitudes we have adopted from our environment.

  • Your identity is at the core of everything you experience in your life, and it impacts every area of your life-career, relationships, finances, emotions and habits.

  • Your sense of self is a series of events, circumstances and experiences that have shape your identity (culture, family, friends, teachers, and the world). These have become unconscious programs that run 24/7 and although some of these beliefs you have adopted are positive, most of them are what others have put onto us and we have internalised as ‘the truth’, but it was their perspective that we have allowed to shape our self-identity.

  • We have been seeped in pools of pessimism from the outer world that has influenced our inner world and it has drowned our hopes and dreams. 5% of our brain-our conscious mind) works against 95% (our subconscious mind) of what we have memorised-the mind and body (unconscious mind) are in opposition so we have to re-condition our subconscious mind with empowering self-identity beliefs to be able to create the live we desire.

The Transformation Life Coaching Program elicits these sabotaging beliefs and does a powerful Self-Image Subconscious programming that supports your conscious mind of who you want to be.

  • Your identity is your unique way in which you think, feel, choose and therefore profoundly impacts your life-either positively or negatively. You are unique in that ONLY you can bring to the world what you bring to the world. You have a unique DNA and personality that no one can ever replicate and therefore the gifts, talents and sharing of your wisdom and outlook cannot be replicated-you have a gift to the world that only you can bring. A powerful revelation to some and that revelation in itself is life changing. It transforms your physiology, your neurology, your health, emotions and your outcomes.

  • According to Dr. Caroline Leaf (a world famous Neuro-Scientist), the I-factor is your true authentic identity-the identity you were born with in your DNA before society, culture and people imposed their imprints on your unconscious mind. Your identity is now a fixed entity but rather a constant process in transformation. This transformation transforms your mind, your brain (neuro-plasticity), beliefs, emotions, physiology actions and therefore the results you get in your life.

  • You are constantly evolving as you grow in greater awareness, consciousness and vision. What miraculous beings we are; born from the same creative intelligence source of God (The Creator of Heaven and Earth, of every living thing on this planet and of the galaxies of the Universe). If we are born in ‘that’ image of surpassing power and greatness; then we have the power to create anything we want in our lives.

‘Whatever you can perceive and believe, you will receive.’ This is a scientific and God law.

To create your new-identity you need to start writing the next chapter of your life and stop reading the previous ones. You need to overcome your old personality: the way you think and choose and feel.

Here are 4 powerful ways you can do this:

1.Meditation-you get beyond time and space and release the constant ’inner tug of war’-your inner talk that drains your energy and brings down your emotional state

2.Visualisation- once you are in a meditative state (theta brain waves) this frequency opens up creative energy to use the universal laws to attract the qualities you want for yourself. This works on an electromagnetic quantum level.

3.Breathing techniques (the TLC Program teaches you a powerful Letting go breathing technique)-this reduces anxiety and fear in your mind and body and you become more peaceful and intuitive to yourself and your environment

4. Re-program your unconscious mind-the TLC program uses scientifically proven therapies (negative belief and negative emotional therapy) to unwire and rewire your subconscious mind to remove negative programming and to install empowering beliefs and emotions so that they uplift your self-image and self-esteem unconsciously, 24/7.

So, to create your new-identity you need to start writing the next chapter of your life and stop reading the previous ones. You need to overcome your old personality: the way you think and choose and feel.

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