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Spiritual Awakening

Michael Beckwith (Live life according to your design)

Spirituality is your encountering and growth of intimacy with an infinite presence that always was and always will be. It is not religion, but rather an insight into the energy and power beyond the natural; the energy that created everything that exists. Spiritual awareness and growth is a choice to up-level your life to release life-energy, discover your true, authentic self, tap into divine creativity, experience bliss and live your true passion and purpose.

There are 4 stages of spiritual growth:

1. Victim Consciousness-To me: We have a tendency to think that the something is happening to us by our outer circumstances and that it has the capacity to determine our destiny.

2. Manifestor Consciousness-By me: The mind is a set of programs that determines our perception and ultimately our experience-we learn the laws of the universe-one of them-The Mind In Action-it changes the course of our outcomes. We learn how to manifest things we desire in our life.

3. Channeler Consciousness-Through me: We are a conduit through which the divine intelligent spirit works in and through us. It connects us with our default mode of love from the Creative eternal force of the Universe.

4. Being Consciousness-As me: It is the realisation that we are an eternal being (we are a spirit having a human experience in a body-we are a spirit, we have a soul and we live in a body. This is coming into your authentic state-a state of mastery and bliss. The highest form of creativity in the flow of life.

Empowering Questions:

Ø In which area of your life do your feel victimised?

Ø What and who controls your life?

Ø In which area of your life do you feel unworthy?

Ø In which area of your life do you have a level of mastery?

Ø What does ‘Spirituality’ mean to you?

Ø In what way would it benefit you to develop your sense of spirituality?

There are 8 structures that we live from:

1. Spiritual-we are first a spiritual being and it needs to be nurtured-we need to feed our spirit to make sure we keep evolving into our highest version of ourselves. The spiritual side of ourselves that connects us to the Creative Spirit-the eternal spirit from which all things were formed and from which we have our being.

2. Ego-the survival part of our psyche-it is there to protect us and tends to keep us separate. It also creates selfishness and can be destructive.

3. Relationships-we were born social beings. Relationship is a ship that carries us into a participation in fields that are larger than our own. A true relationship is a joint participation in the good of love, joy and peace. It is mutually beneficial to both parties-it is constructive and not destructive. It is a flow of all that is good and uplifting to assist in one another’s personal growth and spiritual development.

4. Finances-abundance-harmonising prosperity: having a healthy relationship with money to enrich your life in all areas. It is all about circulating energy and an exchange of value by believing we are worthy of our needs been met. It is coming into alignment of how you view finances with your view of what you are worthy of receiving. It is matching your vibration energy of your sense of self-worth to attracting the exchange into your life. It is releasing the ’poverty mindset’ for a mindset that the universe.

5. Body temple-your health set-is it balanced, healthy and is it enhancing the other structures?

6. Livelihood-using your gifting for an exchange of value. It is your passion and your purpose for yourself and for others-to serve the community.

7. Beliefs-What is your belief structure? What is your faith based on? Is it working for you? Beliefs are your inner programming from your life’s experiences and people’s influence in your life have shaped your present beliefs-some are good but many are limiting your progress and need to be unwired and rewired from your subconscious.

8. Community-Your connectedness to others around you. Your subconscious mind connects you to everything in the quantum space around you and also connects you to everyone. Community gives you a sense of deep purpose and is highly satisfying. How can you use your gifting to serve your community, for the growth of not only yourself, but to all those in your environment, for the betterment of the planet?

There are also 4 levels of Spiritual Growth:

1. Self-discipline-from the root work ‘disciple’-meaning to fall in love with something. You loving your self will give you the control to choose wisely in your life.

2. Self-responsibility-the ability to respond-learning to respond to your true nature rather than reacting from your egocentric nature. This brings about a level of freedom.

3. Self-awareness-you stop going ‘unconsciouses about the thoughts and feelings that are rolling around in your subconscious and you elevate to a level of consciousness. Expanded awareness is becoming aware of what was already there-but you can now be objective about the thoughts, beliefs and emotions that have driven your life in a particular direction and you now get to choose which ones you want to keep, and which ones must go. It is empowerment and is freeing without judgement. You get closer to becoming your true, authentic self.

4. Self-remembrance-It is going full circle and remembering who you really are: your authentic self. It is your inner knowing of who you were born to be. It is the expression of your true self.

Empowering Question:

> What is your sense of freedom?

> How are you presently expressing and living this freedom in your life?

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