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Success is a journey not a destination


John Assaraf-how to strengthen your brain-10 rules-Evan Carmichael (video)

1. Pay attention to your SELF-TALK-are you listening to your empowering voice or the disempowering voice in your head? Be consistent pay attention to how you are speaking to yourself because the thoughts you focus on, create your reality-thoughts are energy in motion and create more of what you putting your attention on. Are you focusing on thoughts that bring you down, or on thoughts that pull you forward? Self deprecating thoughts are thoughts of fear-fear is a subconscious trigger that is producing a feeling of insecurity that is a STOP signal and not a GO TO signal.

2. Have BALANCE-if you have a reason strong enough you will then do whatever it takes to make it happen. If your reason for doing something new isn’t big enough, your excuses will be and they will then keep you from moving forward towards your goal. We are always looking to be in harmony-to be in flow to create your dreams.

3. VISUALISE your obstacles-Take a look at the pattern (narrative you are telling yourself) that is holding you back eg:’ I’m not smart enough, not good enough, not pretty enough, not capable, not rich enough, etc’. Once you are aware of it you can be objective about the subjective, subconscious program and you can choose to delete the program by stepping outside of it in your mind and imprint a belief that you ‘ARE good enough, capable etc...’ as you are a resourceful being with creative energy in your brain to create what you do want to experience. The very act of acknowledging that releases the neuro tension around the brain and releases energy to create something that pulls you towards your goal. When you visualise what you do want to believe about yourself you strengthen those neuro patterns within the brain, hat will develop your new habits.

4. SWITCH-Your brain has 2 functions-it is there to keep you alive and secondly it is there to move you away from any pain of imminent or imagined danger(whether it’s there or not-if it’s a thought in your mind, your brain will move you away from the danger). When it senses pain or danger it will look for (by the law of association) all other incidents where it was in danger from your past, and it will project those into your present reality and into your future. It then puts your body into fight, flight or freeze mode to protect you (it shuts off your neo-cortex part of the brain that gives you rational thinking). A person has over 50 common fears that we react to in the environment. Once you realise that these fears are possible but not certain, and that’s when you SWITCH the brain to the left pre-frontal cortex (the part of the brain that comes up with solutions) and you can then make a better decision how to respond to the ‘potential’ fear that has been triggered by your past emotions of fear. Most people are fearful of a future that hasn’t even happened yet and probably won’t happen. The brain has an instinctive compulsion to keep giving us what has been programmed into our non conscious mind, it becomes like an addiction (even if we don’t want that same emotion or pattern of thinking) and we keep repeating the disempowering habit. ‘When you fight for your limitations (make excuses for not getting the results you actually desire) -you get to keep them’-Jim Kwik.

5. UNDERSTAND THE MECHANICS-You need to become aware of your feelings as they are the end point of your subconscious programs in the human body. You can change your feelings by allowing the emotion to pass through the body(about 60-90 seconds) -by doing 6 straw breaths first(breathe in deeply then exhale as if you are breathing through a straw) you deactivate your sympathetic nervous system which feels the feelings of fear from the past(and activates toxic neuro-chemicals into the body-adrenaline, cortesol and epinephrine) and it then activates your Para-sympathetic nervous system which is the calm state of flow (it can now release healthy endorphins, dopamine, oxytocin and serotonin into the body) which allows you to go beyond the emotions of fear from the past and it gives you entrance into the quantum wave around you from which your energy can now draw in all the patterns of energy that will enable you to create a new vision of your being and will help you make this your new reality. This takes you into a higher state of consciousness and awareness (an altered state of consciousness) and you become one with creative source energy. This is where the magic happens and where true transformation happens. You are now the CREATOR of your life and not the VICTIM of your life. The space between you and I right now are vibrating packs of energy waiting for you to be accessed)these packs of energy are layers of all the information and intelligence that already exists in the universe versus the memories we have in our brains.

6. MEDITATION- is merely becoming aware of your thoughts and emotions and becoming aware of the infinite source of information and creative power around you that you can draw from. Meditation can be done anywhere and there are different forms of meditation. It is merely getting beyond your personality, which creates your personal reality and it is going from high consciousness brain waves (beta) into semi-consciousness, calming state (alpha) which slows down the brain and allows introspection and redirection. It has huge benefits to the body too-slows your heart rate, brings down your cortesol levels and increases endorphins which raise your emotional state and it takes you from a state of dis-ease to complete ease and creativity. It increases creative energy in your body to be used to start creating a new reality in a non-conscious state-your subconscious mind gives you 95% of your results and it runs on autopilot-less effort, less stress-you go from working hard from your conscious mind (5% power and results) to simply drawing energy from the field to give you 95% power to make your dreams a reality. This is the state where you rewire your subconscious mind with empowering beliefs and emotions.


> R-RECOGNISE your pattern-ask yourself is this pattern going to move me towards what I want or away from what I want?

> RESPOND- learn how to respond to circumstances instead of reacting to events you have no control over and what you don’t like, rather learn how to respond to people, situations and events-this happens when you get ‘out’ of your subconscious programming.

> REFRAME-reframe (rethink/change your narrative) about anything that doesn’t work for you, so that it doesn’t have the same meaning for you 9the meaning that we give something determines how we feel about it). Rather look at the event from an ‘empowering’ point of view-what can you learn from the negative person, situation, event, emotion that will grow you from the incident? How can I use this, instead of IT using me? Now you take back your power and your peace. Remember nothing has its own meaning independent of our own thoughts and feelings

> RELEASE-every emotion is a wave (emotion is energy with motion) and produces a feeling. There is a way to release unpleasant emotions (you don’t get good or bad emotions but rather pleasant or unpleasant emotions)-from an emotionally master expert, Dr. Joan Rosenberg (a world renowned Emotional Intelligence Psychologist). When you allow your body to feel the wave of emotion (it lasts just over 1 minute) you stop yourself getting into the reaction of the wave-this is when you begin to surf the wave instead of being hit by the wave.

Ø RETRAIN YOUR BRAIN-here is where you train your brain to have a different response pattern that gives you different habits and actions and outcomes. By doing this you stop the same cycle from happening again. Now the same thought won’t have the same power over you to cause you your brain to go into fight, flight or freeze mode. Now you are in control of your brain and your emotions. This is where you can move into the extra-ordinary which is inherent inside each one of us.

8. DEVELOP HABITS ON A NON-CONSCIOUS LEVEL-when you set a goal you need to make sue you have the right beliefs, perceptions, attitude and habits at a non-conscious level in order to get you to achieve your goal. Your hippocampus part of the brain drives all our automatic behaviour determines if we are going to achieve our goals or not. Using only your will power to get to your goals is life using gun powder-it is just a starter to get you going (it only has 5% capacity), you need to make sure you have the right beliefs, habits and emotions imprinted on your subconscious brain so that they can send out the right vibration energy for you to create those goals (this is what gives you 95% capacity). These programs also affect your self-image and your beliefs to validate that you have the capacity to achieve your goals.

9. BELIEVE-‘Whatever the mind can believe, it will receive’-Napolean Hill. Believe you can and you will, believe you can’t and you won’t. The ‘How to’ is easy-we are overloaded with information at the click of a button these days; the challenge comes in whether we BELIEVE we can achieve our goals or not. Again these inherent beliefs come from what we adopted as ‘our truth’ from when we were very young. You need to go back in time and question if those beliefs still serve you or not, and most of them don’t –so then release and dissolve them and imprint new and empowering beliefs that will increase your capacity to achieve your goals.

10.MANAGE YOUR MINDSET-there are mainly 2 steps:

STEP#1: Take 6 calming breaths to stop the neuro-chemical cycle of dis-ease (you deactivate the stress centre of the brain) and blood and oxygen can now flow back to your left pre-frontal cortex in the brain (the Einstein part of your brain) and you can think through this problem.

STEP#2: AYA-A for Awareness-ask yourself-‘What am I thinking right now? What am I feeling right now? What am I sensing right now?’ I is for Intention-what do I want to do right now? What is the smallest action step I can take right now that will propel me closer to my goal? A-Action-if you take this one small action step the fear threat goes away and that small incremental action will gain momentum to catapult you into achieving the goal you set for yourself.


> Learn how to manage your MINDSET- your thoughts are electric and go out and find the same vibration match in the field-so what you focus on expands and becomes your reality.

> Learn how to manage your HEARTSET-your emotions act as a magnet drawing in the energy and information packs from the quantum field to help you create your goal faster.

QUESTION TO ASK YOURSELF:’ Am I interested in achieving my goals; or am I COMMITTED to achieving my goals’? If you are merely interested-you’ll do what is convenient; you will find excuses why you can’t achieve your dreams and goals but if your are COMMITTED, you will do whatever it takes to achieve your goals-you’ll upgrade your skills and your vision and you’ll USE these proven scientific strategies to get you to live the life of your dreams.


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