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The POWER Of The Subconscious Mind

Updated: Apr 21, 2021

Did you know that you can bring more wealth, happiness, health, and success into your life, by learning to release the hidden power of your subconscious mind?

Did you know that you do not need to acquire it? You already possess it! We just need to learn how to access and apply it.

Within our subconscious mind lies infinite wisdom, infinite power and an infinite supply of all the resources we need to make our unrealised dreams come true. When we become aware of its infinite intelligence, we have no limits as to what we can achieve and what we can become. Our subconscious mind serves us 24/7 and when it is properly programmed it will reveal to us everything we need to know at any moment in time and point of space provided we are open to its creative forces and we have the tools to access its power.

Transformation Life Coaching teaches you the skills to rewire your non-conscious mind so that it gives you the results you desire. It connects you to the Universal Mind/ source energy that created the universe and everything in it. It is an eternal source of vibrating, creative energy that is there to be tapped into for us to create a new state of being. This operates on the quantum laws of the universe. This source energy will enable and empower you to tap into your talents and gifts which will pave the way for you to see your dreams become a reality. It will also enable you to attract and enjoy fulfilling relationships. It will put you on the road to financial freedom and deep inner peace. It will enable you to move towards a life of abundance and limitless opportunities in any area you choose.

Tapping into the subconscious mind brings healing to your body, mind and emotions. It liberates you from self-sabotaging thoughts, beliefs, emotions and behaviour. When you learn to control your thought processes, you can then apply the power of your subconscious to any solution you need. You will then be consciously co-operating with the infinite power and omnipotent laws of attraction that govern the universe. This then empowers you to steer your life in the direction you want it to go, ensuring you reach your desired goals and your life vision.

How can the TLC Program rewire your non-conscious mind to serve you?

>In the second half of the TLC Program we do a number of sub-conscious mind therapies to release negative beliefs that you have wired into your programming from your environment and friends and family (from when we were very small) -example; "" I am not enought' " I will never be wealthy', and then we rewire new and empowering beliefs that will run on auto-pilot 24/7 to effortlessly bring in more of what you are needing in your life.

>We also do negative emotional therapy to release all negative emotions from your body and physiology: fear, anxiety, anger, hurt, guilt, sadness and then install empowering emotions in your non-conscious mind to calm the mind and create harmony and homeostasis to build up your emotional state to make sure that you attract all the high vibrational states that you desire in your life.

To quote John Kehoe (a world renown expert and fore runner on mind power)

"Your inner consciousness is a powerful force whose influence is felt in every aspect of your life. It is, in fact the major and most important part of who you are, and it is the main cause of your success or failure."

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