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Everything starts from a thought

Updated: Mar 24, 2021

‘Whatever the mind of man can conceive; and bring about to believe; it can achieve.’ Napoleon Hill

I think we all agree that everything in life started with a thought. A person has an average of 60 000 thoughts a day! Thoughts are energy and they are the highest form of vibratory energy that scientists have ever measured. The saying’ ‘Change your thoughts; change your life’, is scientifically true. Studies have discovered that 80% were negative thoughts and 95% were exactly the same repetitive thoughts as the day before.

Quantum physics has proven that thoughts are creative, vibrating energy which form into a belief. These beliefs influence our results - either positively or negatively. We need to be consciously aware of the thoughts we entertain every minute of the day; as our thoughts turn into beliefs, beliefs turn into emotions and emotions choose the experiences we want in our lives.

What we think about also affects what we believe about ourselves and that determines our behaviours and our results. Metacognition is the understanding that you don’t have to believe every thought that you think. The act of becoming more conscious of what we think and feel is the beginning of the empowerment process. By becoming conscious of our unconscious thoughts and programs we objectify our subjective mind and we no longer become victim to our limiting programs; we start deciding which thoughts we want to ‘fire and wire’ in our brains, and we become the creator of our destiny.

Thoughts we meditate on become our beliefs. Beliefs are ideas and concepts from our environment that we have adopted as part of our internal reality. They run on autopilot in the subconscious. These programs become our reality. Positive beliefs create a positive reality, but negative beliefs also automatically create a negative reality for you. To eliminate the limiting and negative beliefs we need to re-program the subconscious mind-we do this with Negative Belief therapy. We need to release negative beliefs before we can re-wire the sub conscious with positive ones; to break the habit of the old-self before we can re-invent the new self.

What is Negative Belief Therapy?

As we let go of negative feelings during the day, we are letting go of quantities of negative beliefs. Just by letting go of one negative feeling that gets triggered by an event, a person or a situation; we are letting go of 1000’s of other negative thoughts that were attached to the negative feeling.

We thus quiet the mind and slowly eliminate the ego. The ego is self-preservation that operates in fear and undermines our higher self. It sabotages our higher self as it seeks to elevate the self above others and in doing so it alienates us from being connected to humanity and to the quantum energy field of new possibilities. Negative Belief Therapy is powerful as it helps eliminate the ego so that we can connect to the creative power of the universe to allow the elimination all pre-adopted negative beliefs that stop us living a vision of our future.

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