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The Power of Visualization

Understanding the Science of Visualization

Visualization is a scientific skill that is extremely powerful and effective in that it changes your non conscious negative beliefs and it supports you in making your dreams a reality.

To visualize-to create a mental picture in your mind of what you want to be and experience in your life.

The significance of this? Every time you picture yourself having a positive future, you change the brain (your brain responds to the mind-all your thoughts and beliefs and memories are in the mind).

Your brain is influenced by the R.A.S (reticular activating system) which acts as a filter, allowing certain information in and blocking other things out. You control your R.A.S by focusing on things that are important to you-you give it directions on what to filter in and what to delete. If you feel you are unlovable, the R.A.S will go through the day and it will find more evidence to support and confirm that negative belief that you are unlovable (it is called a confirmation bias-your brain is attracted to things that confirm its beliefs). The R.A.S has a very important job; if it wasn’t there your brain couldn’t process all the outside stimuli that it gets exposed to-400 billion bits of information, per second-your filter system only allows in 200 000 bits of information per second, as that is all it can cope with. Otherwise your brain would have a meltdown. The R.A.S therefore protects the brain.

The way you visualize is the way you will view the world and create your reality. By visualizing yourself as you want to be, you are training your brain to see things in a different way which will influence how you feel and how you act.

Visualization is a form of re- directing your thoughts and energy that they become your new default mode-they change the programming of negative thoughts and beliefs in our subconscious mind.

This new programming (when done often and with consistency) will re-wire your brain with these new possibilities. It will electro-magnetically go out into the invisible real of quantum particles and select patterns that support the visualization and the elevated emotion will cause the experience you are visualizing to transmute into a physical form.

In this way you start creating the person you want to become and the experiences you want to enjoy, simply by doing visualizations every day. It must become a habit! You need to become a MASTER of visualization if you want to fast track your dreams.

Make sure you are only visualizing what you want in your life-the subconscious mind cannot rationalize or decipher what is real or what is imagined (it is made to give you more of what has been programmed into it)-it will believe whatever you impress upon it as true and it will go out into the quantum wave to serve you, so get going in re-programming your subconscious mind by intentionally visualizing what you want to experience in your life.

Take back your power to create a better you and a better future.

Now practice visualizing your goals-one at a time-just for a few minutes each-set aside a particular time of the day to do this when you are relaxed. Do your breathing first, to calm the brain and to access Alpha brain waves which allows your mind to accept and program new and empowering beliefs.

For example: Imagine yourself getting more clients and building your business- What do you look like? How are you carrying yourself? What would you be doing? How are other people seeing you now? Do a V.A.K.O.V experience. What are you feeling? How will you feel when you have that successful business already? Imagine and elevate those feelings inside of you. You project yourself into a future state where you see yourself with a greater sense of self-worth and you feel you already have that self-worth in this moment. That in effect tricks the brain into believing you have more confidence and it will support that state.

What will visualizing do for you really? It will increase your confidence, it will boost your emotional state (your body will get a dopamine rush-your motivating neuro-chemical) and it will remove the negative beliefs in your subconscious mind that run on autopilot. Visualization also improves skills and so your skills you are visualizing will improve and expand in your life. It will literally bring in your dreams and your desires.

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