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The TLC Programme

Updated: Nov 27, 2021

This is the FULL program which gives you the BEST and LASTING RESULTS. 10 sessions of 90 minutes a week:

PART 1: Subconscious Mind Power and Mindset Principles and Strategies

  • The Primary representation System

  • The Subconscious Value Elicitation System

  • Meta Questions

  • Qigon exercises and tapping for optimum health and energy

  • The Prime Directives of the Subconscious Mind - The Power of the Mind

  • The creative power of your thoughts

  • DFF - the Driver Focus Filter

  • Inner Conflict Therapy

PART 2: Inner work-Collapsing Negative/Limiting states and installing new and empowering ones-subconscious mind therapies

  • Negative Emotional Therapy - releasing doubt, fear, hurt, anxiety, anger, guilt

  • The letting go process

  • Negative Belief Therapy - all negative beliefs " I am not enough'

  • Anxiety Eliminator

  • Trauma Release Therapy

  • Phobia Release - fear of anything specific eg: claustrophobia/fear of presentations etc

  • Sub-coding-unconditional self-love

  • Sub-coding-changing the Hierarchy of values for success

  • Installing a new behaviour/habit/attitude with the bang pattern

  • Changing Self-Image

  • New behaviour/attitude generator for a skilled behaviour (eg: a new job / a big presentation)

  • Anchoring an Emotional State

  • Subconscious Goal Programming technique

  • Goal setting Formula

  • Life Vision

  • Deep Love Strategy - attracting the right partner and building strong relationships

  • Anger and conflict management



‘Empowering people to reach their full potential and to live the life you deserve to have!’

It is a unique coaching system incorporating the latest, most advanced techniques of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) and proven Quantum Physics strategies. It gets to the root-cause of problems, limitations and anything that is holding you back from achieving your desired goals.

It is an empowering system of coaching that works on a deep, subconscious level recreating your thoughts, beliefs, behaviours and therefore your outcomes; transforming your life into what you want it to be.

TLC is an exciting journey of self-discovery and self empowerment, ensuring success in all areas of your life. It provides liberating insights, modern techniques and highly effective strategies to release your untapped potential and capacity to live a successful and fulfilling life. It is living a life of abundance by letting go of everything that holds you back, and by helping you live your highest and truest version of yourself.

  • It connects you to the highest intelligence for creativity and freedom

  • It teaches you the power of the subconscious mind and how to attract new opportunities

  • It re-aligns your thoughts and beliefs to create the results you desire

  • It balances your emotions and makes the mind congruent with the Inner Conflict

  • Therapy (by quietening your ‘critic’ voice in your head)

  • It improves your relationships and deals with conflict therapy

  • It improves your health

  • It removes bad habits

  • It builds self-confidence and self-worth for limitless achievements

  • It eliminates all negative and limiting factors (such as fear, doubt, anxiety, worry, frustration, rejection, anger, sadness, procrastination, low self esteem, guilt, shame and many more)

  • It installs new and empowering beliefs (peace, confidence, faith, trust, strong sense of self-esteem and success in all your goals)

  • It removes FEARS, PHOBIAS AND TRAUMAS in your life

  • It helps you achieve your goals using the sub-conscious goal setting therapy

  • It helps you create your Life Vision

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