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Trauma Therapy

Updated: Mar 24, 2021

It is a known fact that in South Africa (and in fact the world), that most of us, have suffered from abuse or violence, in some form or another, during our lives. Many of us walk around keeping it to ourselves though, and the debilitating emotions that are connected with fear, violence and abuse have a detrimental effect on our lives. When strong negative emotions and beliefs are suppressed in our neurological system, they create a chain effect of harmful chemicals being released in our bodies. The consequential emotions and physical manifestations of suppressed feelings that occur send us in a downward spiral of depression and dis-ease in our bodies. We can only repress such intense emotions for a certain time, without reaping the negative effects. They have to eventually surface and when they do, it always manifests in a destructive way, harming us in some form.

How does trauma affect us internally?

The stronger the emotion that we feel by some external event in our life; the more altered we feel inside of us as a result of it, and therefore the more we pay attention to it. Our brain releases chemicals that cause an associated emotion to that event and it takes a snapshot of the event and it stores it in our subconscious as a memory. The challenge happens when, every time we think about that trauma, we are producing the same chemistry in our body as if it was happening again. So, some people stay locked in that traumatic state as they keep experiencing it over and over again. This activates the survival gene and you prepare the body for if it happens again by selecting a worse-case scenario in your mind and your body release more stress-related chemicals to keep you in an emotional state based on your past experience-it becomes a vicious cycle and is debilitating not only to your state of mind; but also to your body: there is an automatic, physiological and chemical change to your body that causes dis-ease and diseases to flourish: cancer being one of the most common diseases caused by suppressed and repressed anger, hurt and pain.

Trauma most often causes shame and due to this element of shame they don’t talk about it or process it so then they literally become stuck in that event and they stop evolving as a person: YOU STAY STUCK-YOU ARE NOT EVOLVING; YOU ARE NOT PRESENT; NOT OPEN TO ANY NEW EMOTION BECAUSE YOU ARE IN SURVIVAL MODE.


To get a person to remember the event without the emotion charge-it then loses its power over your mind and body and you can re-engage in life and evolve into a whole person again.

EFT-Emotional Freedom Technique is one very powerful way to tap the body to release certain emotions (it’s like a psychological acupuncture that releases stored up negative energy in the body and significantly lowers cortesol levels from the body. TLC incorporates ERT (Emotional Release Therapy) or tapping as it is more commonly known, to aid this process of healing. It is a simple, yet effective form of tapping pressure points on the body, using positive affirmations of health, healing and vitality to increase blood supply throughout the body, opening up energy meridians and healing the nervous system. I do it daily. It takes 5 minutes a day and you can incorporate it with your daily, “Me time” that is essential in the transformation process, if you want effective and lasting change in your life.

Trauma Release Therapy: this is another area where the Transformation Life Coaching System is very powerful, as we have a process that releases the emotions from the memory of the trauma, and it allows freedom from the fear, grief, hurt, anger, shame, guilt, anxiety and other feelings that are associated with the trauma. During the subconscious therapy we take the person back to the event, but they are protected from feeling the associated emotions and the person feels safe, yet courageously faces the event and allows the releasing of the negative emotions attached to it, freeing themselves from the debilitating emotions. It is a process of release and empowerment, by releasing all the negative charges that accumulated in their neurological system caused by the trauma or abuse and them empowering them, instead to live with peace, forgiveness and joy.

This empowering process of releasing yourself out of emotional hurt and anger frees you from suffering the negative and limiting effects the trauma caused. This includes forgiveness of the perpetrator/s and self-forgiveness if necessary. This process heals the entire person, and restores one to wholeness again. The memory of the trauma cannot be erased, due to the nature of how we were made; but the emotions that were so strongly attached to the memory, get released and get replaced with a peacefulness, forgiveness and inner joy.

One then teaches the person how to re-engage in the present and teaches them how to manage their attention and their energy to build on a new vision of the future for them to live.

I have great empathy with people who have suffered from trauma as I have been exposed to many traumatic incidents in my own life, including my mother’s murder and my father’s suicide. My own journey of healing took over 20 years where I developed colon cancer from suppressed emotions of anger, hurt and bitterness. The Transformation Life Coaching Process healed me from feeling the effects of the trauma by dealing with the subconscious repressed emotions that had caused disease in my body. I have personally seen the power of this program and it really is life changing, in every area of your life.

So, as your personal Transformation Life Coach, I feel equipped to walk this road of recovery and healing with you, if you, too, or a loved one, has been the victim of any form of abuse or trauma.

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