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Vision for 2022

2022 is upon us-what will it bring or what will YOU create for yourself in 2022?

What has held you back from attaining your goals in 2021? ONE thing-a lack of belief in yourself!

Are you the creator of your life or are you the victim of our circumstances? ‘Your inner world creates your outer world.’

Do you want to just survive another year of Covid-19 or do your want to THRIVE in 2022? You have the power of choice which will change your beliefs, emotions, behaviours and your outcomes.

Here are 10 habits you need to do in order to have a transformational 2022

1. Subconscious beliefs-Science has proven that your subconscious beliefs (programs you have adopted and installed in your brain from your primary caregivers from birth) create your reality. How have your non-conscious beliefs (running on auto-pilot) shaped your life thus far? Which ones have been empowering to you? Which ones are negative and have been self-sabotaging your goals that need to be released and replaced? What do you need to believe about yourself that will empower you to make your dreams a reality? Implement the 5 R’s: Recognise your limiting belief, Release the negative belief, Realign your thinking, and Rewire your brain for success, Reset your Mindset, your Heart set and your Health set.

2. Align your values with what you want in your life-Your values and your beliefs drive your behaviour and take your time-make sure that your values are in alignment with your dreams-example: fitness, faith, fun, financial freedom and fulfilling relationships. Make sure that you are spending your time on the values that you want to grow and not time stealers like social media and TV watching. STOP wasting your time! Don’t confuse activity for productivity.

3. Build up your self-confidence-

4. Change those negative habits that are keeping you stuck! Habits are things you have done habitually that it’s become a subconscious program. Identify those self-sabotaging habits that are stopping you take action on your goals. Be aware of which thoughts you are giving your energy to (thoughts are energy that have the power to create substrates). Release those negative thoughts and replace them with anchoring thoughts (thoughts that will empower you and will attract more of what you are focusing on). Be intentional about your thoughts (intentional energy creates your reality). Focus on self-identity-if you identify yourself as a fat person, or as a smoker, or as a drinker-your energy will send signals into the quantum field to bring you more situations to reinforce that identity. Shift your self-identity and you will shift your habits. You are not your habits(you may have a habit of worrying

5. Practise Creative Visualisation-how do you want to show up in life? Visualise it-get into a calm altered state of mind (with breathing techniques or meditation) and then picture on your mental screen how you want to be (in detail) and imagine that you already possess all those qualities-how would you feel? Elevate those emotions and keep focusing on them as the intentional thought sends out an electric signal and the emotion (energy in motion) draws the experience back into your body to change your physiology to motivate you act in accordance with your new self-identity.


7. Plan your day and Design a Morning Routine -If you don’t plan your day; your day will plan you-successful people wake up early, don’t touch their phones for the first hour, do something physical (to get those endorphins to motivate your body for a focused and productive day), meditate (to access a calm and creative mindset), write in a gratitude journal (whatever you are grateful for you will attract more of in your life), ask empowering questions (helps you set your inner filter to access more information of what you want more of in your life), set 3 small actions for the day that will progress you towards your goals and builds self-confidence, learn something new (your brain grows with something new and it will energise you and lastly reflect on what you did well the day before to give you motivation momentum. Seize the day by doing a Mindset Reset. Keep to your morning routine for a productive day.

8. Setting goals-whatever energises you and what lights you up is what you should be doing most of in the day-set priorities that will push you towards your goals. Write down your goals on cue cards (make sure they are visible to help you focus on what’s most important to you so that you take action on your goals. Put your goals on a VISION BOARD with dates, images and place it where you will see it daily. Whatever you focus on expands.

9. Up-skill yourself-‘your one main responsibility is to become the highest and truest expression of yourself’-Oprah Winfrey. What skills do you need to develop in order to obtain your goals? Sign up for a course, read up on information on your passion, study role models who have succeeded in your craft or new interest. Invest in self-development-‘Knowledge is power but self-knowledge is empowerment’-Albert Einstein. Build on your talent to such an extent that you cannot be ignored.

10. SERVE OTHERS-use your gifts and talents to uplift others (this is the greatest form of self-satisfaction), it builds your sense of self-worth and gives you what every human needs for a fulfilling life-to be valued, to feel significant and to feel loved. Unspeakable joy will be released when you get beyond your ego and you help build others up.

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