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What Transformation Life Coaching can DO for YOU

Updated: Mar 23, 2021

I have always been interested in personal development. I believe that we all

have an innate desire to grow our inner selves, to become all we have been

created to become.

‘Your number one responsibility, is to become the highest version of yourself.’ Oprah Winfrey.

It was when I myself was searching for emotional and physical healing from traumas in my life that I came across the Transformational Life Coaching model. The very first thing that attracted me to this particular form of Life Coaching was that it worked with proven scientific techniques that addresses the very source of one’s problems.

I knew that I was definitely not living up to my potential in any area of my life, and I needed a program that would get to the very source of my limiting beliefs, that were holding me back from living the life that I desired. I therefore knew if I was going to embark on a self-discovery journey that it would have to totally transform my thoughts, beliefs, emotions, physical and

mental health and well-being.

TLC works at the sub-conscious level by finding and eliminating the unconscious limiting beliefs(at cellular level)that we have accumulated in our lives and that constantly drive the conscious mind to perpetuate negative and limiting outcomes. It then installs new, positive and empowering beliefs that will steer the conscious mind to get the outcomes you desire.

The TLC system is unique in that it is tailored to suit your specific needs and goals and it sets one on the road to discovering each person’s unique limitless potential, gifts and talents. After the first session of Inner Conflict therapy, you will notice a definite shift in your mental state. The journey is enlightening and empowering. To get the full benefit of TLC the full program is recommended. (8 sessions of 2 hours each). During each session, one learns more, grows more, becomes more and desires more-opening up limitless possibilities. One’s vibration energy frequency goes up naturally with each session as one lets go of all the low energy, negative beliefs and emotions from ones neurological system and by installing new and positive beliefs and emotions one immediately starts attracting all the high energy,

positive and empowering outcomes. It is a true awakening of our authentic self.

‘The deepest secret in life is not a process of discovering, but a process of creating the highest version of yourself ’- Dr Joe Dispenza
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